Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ou Chi Ye - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gulou District of Fuzhou City located in the Ye Shan (Quan Shan, General Hill) at the northern foot, this drum screen on the eastern side of the road at the northern end. "Chi sa," set: "this General hills, Ye Xi-foot mountain also, Yimingdongye, customs and Europe called the rule, the more it is tailor-made for East ears." "Monk in the Tang and Yuan Wei-jun's dry, A copper sword, Convergence and several Central, What is the rule in the kitchen Forest. Song Cheng Shih-meng record in this Ye Ting Europe, and wrote a poem for the "sequence": "to the state to the next year, a new sub-city, the city of Dongbei Yu, Yi Yin shrubs, as open only to ask the water, or to say: 'Ye Chi-European'. " Yuan Dynasty, the temple built San Juan, five Longting. Next to Koji, the pool has been severely Cyprus, the only Banmufangtang and into the Wai Gong Yuan. Light years (1828) re-jun, the expansion of the pool surface several times. 18 Guangxu (1892) Ye Li Ou-swords monument monuments. In 21 years (1932), Minhou County, to preserve historical sites will be re-jun, the rehabilitation of Europe and Ye-Ting, Taiwan Gun, Rain , Jian Chi homes. In 1982, the Fujian Provincial Department of Finance funds re-Jun, an masonry pool, pool Quanyong waves; pool is also built Jianguang North Pavilion, Dan Fang, Ting Chi Xin, and other antique building.

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