Sunday, November 30, 2008

Modern Chinese Navy Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Modern Chinese Navy Museum is located in Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (cauda equina) Zhao Zhong Road, Ma eastern foot limit, in May 1998 outside the opening. Museum for the five-story building, hillside, the construction area of 4100 square meters, positive modeling, such as wind and the waves of the two warships, is a very modern architectural style of the Museum . Museum exhibits are divided into: the creation of the political ship, the Sir Ellis Kadoorie shipbuilding, naval construction, Yu Wu, science and technology, culture six parts. "Yang Wu" ship model, the political elite La-like vessel, used cars Tongzhi bed, the old diary of the Navy, ancient cannons, and other in-kind, demonstrated the use of modern means of the Chinese nation have the courage to explore the oceans, tenacious External aggression against the national spirit. Since its opening, people from all walks of life both at home and abroad by the attention.

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