Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jinshan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinshan Temple, located in the western suburbs of Fuzhou Hong Tang Xiang river in the vicinity of own a piece of stone on the mound, as a result of this was very much like Fu Zhenjiang Jiangnan Golden Hill, named "Gold Mountain." Qibabainian ago, people in this small Fu built on a solid seven of eight towers, about 7 meters high, the granite structure, and later built around the tower in the Hall . The Department of Jinshan Temple in 1934 reconstruction, as a result of limited terrain, the monastery has not Diange towering Buddha statues and enormous, but the delicate in Linglong construction reflected in the water, particularly chic. Yuhuo little bit at night, the stars flash head, Yu Hong Kingston Tower, do not have some fun. Now, look here still see the ancient Jinshan Temple King: "Hongtanggudu", "Qiu Yan Shi positions", "Miao-high bell", "Chau-Yu Huo," "stone-cloud", "de windsurfing," "Ring Ye Yue Feng", "foot of the setting sun flag." If you lean on a railing overlooking the Jinshan Temple, can be seen rippling blue waves, windsurfing floating. Fuzhou, the longest highway bridge - the bridge from Hong Tang Jin Temple Kuajiang and not far off

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