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Baiji Beach Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiji Beach Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baiji Beach Nature Reserve, located in the Lingwu City in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the geographic coordinates for longitude 106 � 23'-106 � 48 ', latitude 37 � 54'-8 � 22', with a total area of 81,800 hectares. Protected areas in 1985 by the former People's Government approved the establishment of Lingwu County, 1986 Upgraded to the level of the autonomous region, is a desert ecosystem for the protection of the main targets of the nature reserve.

This area is located in the Ordos platform of Xinan Yu, south of Health loess hill, belonging to the landscape hilly areas, are divided into hilly, desert and hilly gentle hills, altitude 1150-16 0 m between. Well-preserved desert vegetation in the region, especially in the central core area of distribution in order to mainly Caragana 17,000 hectares of natural desert shrub community is the largest concentration of the most unique type, the northern part of the core area to 20,000 ha Oxytropis the main thorn The natural desert grassland community is also built in protected areas A major. There are 49 known in the region of higher plants are 262 kinds of Section 149; known vertebrate 22 Section 45 heading 115, as a national key protected wild animals, black stork, the desert cat, manul rabbits, geese throat Ling, 22, and other kite . North of the border from Yinchuan City, less than 10 kilometers from the border of the West Huang 5 date, 10 km, desertification in the region to protect the unique landscape and the distribution date there are 4 million years ago 3 Shuidonggou the ancient ruins of human culture, Ma On Shan Gan Lusi construction of the Song Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall of the ancient historical sites and so on.

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