Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walking Street in the new century - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Walking Street in the new century - Chinese tourism scenic spots

800,000,000 yuan of investment, construction area of 400,000 square meters of the pedestrian street in the new century, China is the longest commercial pedestrian street. She is a set of leisure, convenience, wealth, the arts as one of Zhang Jie, she's beautiful like a streamer, from Langfang to maintain things.

  Is located in Langfang Heart of the lot, the overall plan for Main Street, 8, 5 km in length. New Century Street, planning to walk a long distance, large-scale construction, operating a wide range of innovative architectural style, the overall image of the spectacular.

Walking Street, construction of the new century is a group of European style, using blocks at the entrance to the Arc de Triomphe in the form of architectural style, the majestic Armstrong . 36 meters wide Jiexin Garden, Four Seasons is a lush, filled with exotic leisure area. Street walking on either side of the building to adopt European-style architectural style, fresh and crisp style. Dozens of architectural sculpture, across the street bridge, gardening, fountains, promenades, and other unique shapes, bright, very enjoyable. Unique architecture, beautiful environment to attract a large number of businessmen settled in the pedestrian street, in order to provide you with a new shopping space. Has opened a large-scale commercial buildings are: Jing Ke Long supermarket, Sunshine City Building clothing, furniture city Jinlong, Wang Tai Building Materials City, Moon Jia Yuan, Ji women's cosmetics, and other buildings.

  Stroll in the new century, walking on the street, you will be on leisure, entertainment, shopping, elegant environment, you can easily leisurely fine chemicals of modern life atmosphere.

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