Sunday, November 16, 2008

Western Hills Dongting Piao Miao Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nishiyama peak Piaomiao peak at the Western Hills in the western island, 337 meters above sea level, for the Taihu Lake peak of 72 in the first. Seventy-two peaks in Taihu Lake, 41 peaks in the sun, Piao Miao Feng scenic Taihu Lake is the essence of the landscape since ancient times to the grand and beautiful Huguangshanse many famous scenic spots and historical sites. Piaomiao area to peak as the mainstay, supplemented by The main dock Wai Shan, the area with a total area of about 10 square kilometers, nearly 80 percent forest cover. Piaomiao a peak shape of the olecranon stone, engraved on the root causes of the Republic of China elder Lee wrote "Piao Miao Feng" words, there are in the vicinity of Ziyun Stephen, Stephen Tobe, celestial tables, the high-profile, Lake Pavilion, and other sites. Taihu Lake volatile situation, Shan Often hidden in the clouds, misty Piaomiao indistinct, like every other sea of clouds and mountains, Ru Xia Ling even jade belt, "Piao Miao Qing Luan" Landscape for Western Hills one of the eight scenic spots. Taihu Lake area are old Chung Yeung Festival Piao Miao Feng Deng's customs, history has left a seekers can explore the many beautiful poems. Fan Song Dynasty poet, had "fully loaded Qing A lone oak, with wind into the Xiandu. Mo Xiao-free embrace of the excluded, Piao Miao Feng Wang Taihu Lake in the first "famous. Piaomiao Teng-feng of the more traditional lines, the moon in the water from the dock, dock the village of Han, Yi, dock, including dock Hill, Cai East and other places are trails up the mountain . Piaomiao scenic peaks could be around the moon in the water and dock together in the old village, Qi dock, including Temple, Cai Middle Kingdom, the King of Hollywood, and other scenic spots to link it to promote the construction of the Western Hills for the further development of the tourism industry is of great significance.

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