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Hai Baota - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hai Baota - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the Black Pagoda, located on the northern outskirts of the city of Yinchuan, commonly known as the north tower, with the city's southwest tower in the distance across the Chengtian Si. There are temples inside the Mountain Gate, Jieyin permitted, permitted, Wei Tuo Temple, lying permitted, and so on, are something of a central axis. Hai Baota is permitted in the Great Hall of Weituo and between the loft-style brick building, a high-4 Meters from the tower, Tazuo, tower, Tasha constitute the entire construction of the tower shape lines clear, structured, style, simplicity, clear, rough, and a wooden ladder was circling the tower up until the top of the tower.

Hai Baota since ancient times is the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has a well-known Fodou monasteries, and during the first Lunar New Five-Year Plan, all over the Xinnv men come to worship Buddha Temple to burn incense, this time not only to watch Phoenix's historical sites, bathing national conditions and customs, and be able to taste the fruits of the Frontier and the Yinchuan-style snacks, do not have a taste.

  Hai Baota tower is located in the spacious square-six, the platform together with a total of 11, 54 high - , Was a square tower, surrounded by middle and the backbone of a prominent, was "sub"-shaped, one of China's 16 towers. North pagoda sit east of the West, the main building there is the Mountain Gate, the permitted Jieyin, Main Hall, Wei Tuo Temple, the Temple and permitted lying Hai Baota center. Each side of each voucher with the middle door, and slightly outward prominent I have a visible Linglong Department of carcasses of small and large have run even higher level, loft-style brick building. The tower construction smooth lines and clear shape, layering rich and unique artistic charm. On the highest level, you might see around the east of the Yellow River may be laid with the West could care Helan towering majesty, the South may be many tours of the buildings, the four There are green fields, the vertical and horizontal channels can be beautiful, "stuffed with Jiangnan" picture.

  Haibao Ta has repeatedly catastrophe. Great damage has recorded twice: the first is the 1959 Emperor Kangxi (1709) earthquake, the four-storey tower collapse in 49 to 51 years of Emperor Kangxi (1710 -1 12 years) to repair, the EC called "Hai Baota"; and the second was three years Qianlong (1739) earthquake, collapse, officials Temple-wide collapse, "but keep the control tower tower site," at 43 Qianlong (1778 Years) once again rebuilt, and this is the pagoda.

  After the liberation, the People's Government attached great importance to the sea The protection of the tower. Hai Baota the State Department in 1961 as the first batch of national key cultural one of the units. Temple of the local government, conducted a number of tower maintenance, since 1980, has built the wall, lying on the renovation of the permitted, Wei Tuo Temple, the reconstruction of the North-South and the Mountain Gate symmetrical bell tower, drum tower, and remodeling In the "Cultural Revolution" in the destruction of the Buddha. Haibao Ta of the State Council in 1983 will focus on opening up the country as one of the temple, was placed under the management of the religious sector. Now Haibao Ta Temple and door Buddhist disciples of the Holy Land, sooner or later, Rusi, listen to drum Zhong.

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