Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lin Fa Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lin Fa Shan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gansu Province is located in the southern part of recreation, Lintan, Zhuoni, Lintao, 5 Weiyuan County border, east longitude 103 degrees -103 degrees 44 minutes 48 hours, 56 minutes north latitude and 34 degrees -34 degrees 58 minutes between the pool of Triangle Strip with a total area of 125.51 square kilometers.

  Tai Lin Fa Shan peak above sea level 3 78 meters, 2000 meters or so along the Tao River. Alpine is a sub-humid climate. The main area of the object is the protection of water conservation and landscape Lin Lin Lin, as well as all kinds of precious wild animals. Plant species in the region, about 75 Section 191 is more than 500 species. Animals in the region is rich in resources, there are more than 60 species of mammals, 150 birds Species, 10 species of reptiles, amphibians 4, 4 kinds of fish, 250 species of insects.

  12 state-protected wild animals, animals are leopard, lynx, musk deer Lin, jackals, otters, birds are spotted tail Hazel chicken, frozen dark belly, blood pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Blue Ma chickens, such as kite , The insects have two-tail Mell.

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