Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cultural Arts Center - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cultural Arts Center covers an area of 660 mu, direct investment 600,000,000 yuan, driving the economy into more than 20 million.

Langfang City Cultural Arts Center by the natural cycle of the main park, Dream Lake Park, Art Park, Water World educational, intellectual and famous scenic spots composed of the five Calligraphy Avenue. Overall Designated by the world-renowned German company GMP design, landscape & S I from Australia, Hong Kong, Ho architectural firm to design, the reflect the present-day art Place heavy cream and cultural. Park landscape design theme of "inspiration." Cognitive cover, civilization, understanding, education, knowledge, science , Culture, open-minded, as well as the wisdom of teaching, and so on, tour through a multi-directional, multi-angles and thinking in the field of observation, in nature, art, drama, literature, etc, enlightenment.

Langfang City Cultural Arts Center construction project involving a total of 7 categories, 37 professional, More than 290 sub-projects, more than 20,000 procedures. Various types of pipe laying on the ground floor leads 97 kilometers, the choice of 8 colors of granite stone paving 88,000 square meters park roads, planting flowers and trees of various Qiaoguan 35, more than 10 strains, the selection of Italy, Britain, and other well-known international manufacturer of quality lighting, installation Roads, Lin, landscape, underwater guide, building lighting, etc. 2964.

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