Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yellow River water tankers - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow River water tankers, at the Yellow River, Shapotou distance of about 6-7 kilometers. Here stands a giant wooden waterwheel 6, the impact of the river, slowly rotating day and night, and a great voice Hua Hua has given rise to visitors interested in the infinite.

  Water tankers along the Yellow River is an ancient tool of irrigation water. Now, more than was Elimination of the existing 6 is a giant water tankers for visitors to enjoy entertainment. Crane also known as water tankers, trucks more than 10 meters high and 5 meters from a long, 0.5 meters in diameter axle support with 24 wooden spokes, Chengfangshezhuang to four weeks to start. Each of the spokes are the top with a scraper and Pelton. Wiper scraper, loading Pelton . Red river, the water slowly by turning over 10 tons of heavy water tankers, one Pelton filled with river water level was up to upgrade. Pro-top, Pelton and the natural inclination will be injected into the water aqueduct, the flow of irrigation farmland. The shore of the Yellow River's water tankers rotating day and night, the Yellow River for the addition of unlimited travel scenery.

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