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More pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

More pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

More commonly known as Li pagoda tower. Yongning county seat is located about 24 km southwest of the town on the west side of Li Jun. Octagonal tower for the pavilion Zhuanta-13 level, together with the top and Tasha total 31.52 m high.

  Piyou tower to the east of the bottom of the door voucher, the door 1.3 meters high, 0.65 meters wide. Part of the tower-shaped windows and doors open tickets Storey tower, with brick and Corbel teeth in a water chestnut canopy, each brick of the original corners of the eaves hanging Campanula. Rizal was the top seat octagonal, each face one to open the middle of shrines, Buddhist shrine built-in Xiangyi Zun. Bao-zhu-supporting seat brake brake body, for its huge Peach-tip save Tasha. Thick-walled tower room using hollow wooden-floor structure, diameter 2 meters, the original wooden ladder can be circled to the top board.

  Not available during the tower was built, the tower, according to inscriptions on Campanula, we can see that tower at the latest in Wanli in the Ming Dynasty has been completed. Li Ming Wanli tower before the Qing Emperor Kangxi Emperor Qianlong 1970 to 1965 three times maintenance. In 1986, autonomous regions and Heritage Management Committee The tower will be a comprehensive maintenance.

  Maintenance in 1986, from Tasha found a number of precious cultural relics, there are 19 bronze statue, a ceramic Buddha, the mirror surface 6, 7 Mingban Mexico, a copper Ming Ban, as part of the book and volume 2 Ancient coins.

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