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Jing River Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jing River Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jing River scenic area in the southern mountains of Ningxia Jingyuan Xian in the territory. Beautiful here, between the green peaks, Linmao Cao Feng, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, Jade, both of North-hung, also a show of the South, called on the Loess Plateau, "Green Island" in 1995 as provincial-level scenic spots .

  The wind The main attractions are the Lotus Garden, the old Longtan, small Nanshan, r. Second, the gate of hell, cool Hall of Gap, Gap Buchanan and scenic spots, such as swing plane, Trillium Cave Temple, Baoziwan Park, Chengguan mosque, and so on.

  Lotus Garden area, located 5 km west county, into the wind from the Gap, 8 km on both sides of the confrontation between the Castle Peak, the river Mid-stream, the trees in the mountains green, clean stream bottom, Fengdie dancing, water features. The most charming is the green grass on both sides of the river every year in May to August, over and over Dutch wild, the umbrella staggered leaves, pan-yellow incense.

  Old Longtan, Jing for the source of water. Tandi dark green, unpredictable, Wei Zheng is the legendary Dragon King the old dream of killing , Liu Yi-book stories have taken place here.

  R. Second, the county seat is located 30 km south. Legend of Dragon King entrenched old Longtan, sent his two sons camped in the river, the town briefly throat, named r. II. Qi on both sides of the Valley, there was a forest canopy, green grass and Jade Gurgling water. Hall of cold Gap, located 25 km southwest of the county seat for the Mountain in the hinterland, humid climate, the environment elegant, beautiful, is the summer resort since ancient times. Yuan Taizu contained in the history of Genghis Khan in the Western Expedition, he has sharply this summer, and have built pavilions. So far there are stone before it is too late, dolphins, the manger, flags, and other sites Block Ningxia, one of the most scenic areas in the south, in Mountain Nature Reserve, range upon range of hills overlapping peaks, lush vegetation and numerous lakes, "Green Island plateau." The main attractions include: Lotus Court, the old Longtan, r. II, the Hall of cool, such as Gap, in which the old Longtan is the source of the Jinghe, and second, r., Xia Liang Hall In a valley, the valley Lin vast, beautiful scenery; Court in the summer of wild flowers in full bloom and the Netherlands, arch, a few Xiangpiao, Summer is a good place for the summer.

  Jing River Scenic Spot In addition to the above-mentioned area, there are also located in the county, 10 km north-east, the two peaks such as the column of the "swing plane", is a legend Dang Guiying has been swing. 30 km north county, known as "Caves children," the Trillium Temple is the Song Ji Gong Ming Seng Xiuxian monk-way street, there are caves 4.

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