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Scenic Area Samho - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Scenic Area Samho - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Scenic Area Samho Huixian located about 40 km northwest of the Taihang mountains area, with a total area of 40 square kilometers, are under the jurisdiction Township after Huixian. Scenic Area Samho tourism resources and a large variety of more or less reflected in the geological, ecological, religious, historical and cultural aspects, the basic can be summed up as "a groove-Ling" and "three lakes Walled three, three Temple. "

  The line is too beautiful scenery
  Scenic Area Samho at the side of the Taihang Mountain, open field of vision, to the west can see that dangerous levels of the Taihang mountains, close to appreciate the dense forest, overlooks Woyeqianli east of the Central Plains and the earth fell down the shallow valley Shan hills. You wall inside the scenic valley Kennedy, Strange rock formations, steep overhanging cliffs, rugged Hill Road. With the weather around the scenery changing, sometimes transpiration mist, falling convective clouds, and sometimes blue skies, highlighted Bi-feng, Zheng-Rong Ren million, the South Pacific shows the line-hung, extraordinary and dangerous, show scenery in the north. This is the northern part of the country to enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery typical tourist destination. The ideal summer resort
  Scenic Area Samho to the main reception at a mountain 1,000 meters above sea level above the average temperature in the summer sun around 25 ?, together with the entire area of vegetation coverage, clean air, is an ideal summer holiday destination.

  Typical unique Landscape
  Scenic Area Samho in the eastern part of China's second stage the landscape (of Taihang Mountains) and the central mountains (the Qinling mountain range) of the Department of pay cut. As the line by the Taihang Mountains - Mountain fracture of the strong uplift, mountain land to rise, eroding the role of a strong structure, to form a "Danxia - the landscape Zhang Shiyan "Construction of karst landforms," "gorge landforms," Fu Liu underground river and waterfall match - or water. This unique geological Bank of the South Pacific region is typical of the natural landscape.

  The simplicity of traditional village life
  Scenic Area Samho village in the use of local stone houses and the construction of roads, Liansheng , The production of appliances are made of stone used. Stone, stone mill, stone wall, Shi Zhuo, Shi Deng, a stone kang, together with the simple folk customs of the local villagers, the desire for people in traditional attitudes and customs, constitute a plain-looking, unique style and features of the landscape, it has a value of the development .

  Health good Environment
  Scenic Area Samho mountains in the district, local government and the masses of the persistent efforts of all the region's ecological regions have been well protected, the forest coverage rate reached 95%, natural, renewable Lincheng Lin, into a film, And the area is still growing, soil and water conservation and natural ecological situation is very good , It is suitable to carry out eco-tourism.

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