Sunday, November 16, 2008

Canadian search Diaolou - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Diaolou security at the site around the village of NATO Economides 0.5 km ridge of the Department, the close location on the south side of the Brahmaputra, the river and the relative height difference of about 80 meters, 3350 meters above sea level. Diaolou side backing, Linjiang side, both sides are cliffs, steep terrain. Diaolou as wood, stone structure of the building, wall Shi Lei Qi formed by film and adhesives for the mud. Internal use wood floor Square, logs and built up area. His plane for the round square, West, North-plane wall for a square in the south, the east wall inside as the outer side. 1-1.3 meters thick wall, about 14 meters high. Internal 3.5 Diaolou long from north to south, east 4.8 m wide, at the end of housing 16.8 square meters plot. Road open house at the end of the wall in the middle of the North, 1 meter wide. According to the analysis of the residue of wooden Square, the original towers housing 4, 3-4 meters high on each floor, each surrounded by a layer of the wall perforation Bi You are, at the end of housing Biyou 2 hole, 4 hole for the second, third 3-hole, the fourth-5 hole, perforation at all levels More layers. There are two type of perforation shape, for a vertical rectangle, with only a hole in the north Linjiang, 1.3, 0.9 m wide; another Kennedy for a long triangle, that is, the content of the type of narrow, with 1.6, 1.1 meters wide , Outside a high, 0.4 meters wide. Perforation of the above, more planes did not bar Not to shop floor in the second, three-wall bar on the left there is residual, 0.1-0.2 meters in diameter. Floor without the use of the development of the natural logs, logs of about 1.5, 0.2 wide and 0.05 meters thick. Not found the bottom of traces of wooden structures, only to see the northeast, northwest Liangjiao that there are bulge wall of stone wall Gordon may aid to the top. Linjiang tune in a wall of floor observation deck above the hole, to a wooden canopy Fang, for the upper plate can file wind Zhe Yu. Diaolou have connections outside the walls of the parapet wall 2, located on the north side together, was a north-south orientation, 4 meters long, piled stone wall by, and 0.9 m thick, there are two perforation; second It was constructed on the south side of the west and extending to the edge of a cliff, stone wall 0.7 meters thick, 3 Piyou perforation. 2 of the existing parapet wall in a high degree of between 4-8 meters. Diaolou the north there are a few stone steps Toru level, which can enter the towers in-house. According to the survey field, about the towers in the 15th century was the existence of the Year. Legend has it that when Diaolou where the Brahmaputra Jeb Tang has been on the construction of an iron chain bridge (now the site of a car that can use the cable suspension bridge), the bridge is completed in the building of the local people to use their plastic for a statue of a Tang Jeb (exercises had been In the absence of). This Diaolou the construction of pushed to know the minimum age will not be later than the 15th century There may be established in the year between the 13-14 century.

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