Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jingtai the Yellow River Stone Forest - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow River Stone Forest is located in Gansu Province in the south-east Jingtai Stephen Longwan rural village, 70 km south Jingtai county town, 70 km north of Baiyin City, 136 kilometers from Lanzhou, the area bounded by the Yellow River bend Longwan, continuous south Eroded hills, the Yellow River flowed from east to west area. Scenic area of 34 square kilometers One stone forest area of 10 square kilometers. Geographical coordinates: 103.33 east longitude, '-104.43' north latitude and 36.43 '-37.38', m above sea level between 1340-1600. January 2004 was approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources National Geopark. Yellow River Stone Forest As in Sibaiwannian ago before the end of the Tertiary and Quaternary Geology at the beginning of the era. As the Yanshan movement, the rise in earth's crust, cut under the bed, combined with weathering, rain erosion and gravity collapse formed a yellowish-brown rivers of the stone forest-based conglomerate with the landscape wonders. Scenic cliffs in the air, thousands of shape, winding paths, picture Million transfer. Columns, stalagmites in general 80 - 200 meters. Experts assess the study found: the Yellow River Stone Forest can be the natural wonders of China, highly values the development of tourism. Stone Forest Scenic Spot ditch as many as eight, is a strong uplift in the earth's crust, forming deep valleys of the Yellow River valley, valley so that the wider continuous partial light In the layer of water and gravity rapidly under the cut along both sides of the valley to form a large number of Shi Feng. Pillars, at the same time, by wind erosion of the transformation of the cliff on the formation of such a lot of window lattice structure, in the water. Under the strong wind Now the formation of a unique landscape. Yin Ma ditch has been developed within the Grand Canyon when the Lions have the clearance, Looking back on the eagle, an elephant water, thousands of vessels, the West learn from their experience, the next couple months, Qu Yuan to ask the many attractions, such as days, Xingshenjianbei, lifelike. Yellow River Stone Forest scale of the event, is a beautiful area. Stone Forest area as a whole Shiqianfeng Qi Jing. Canyon winds. Volley cliffs, Shi Feng, a variety of unique and magical style, style True. Features. From a distance, peaks such as the surging waves in the past, when we look at the shape of vivid sculpture, scenic walk through the winding streets, such as into the maze. Yellow River to the Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Spot, the stone forest, desert, the Gobi, Oasis, farm and other resources together clever, landscape dependent, dynamic, magnificent. Fitness area Exploration, adventure, rafting, rock climbing, leisure, as well as its geological study and hung, dangerous, extraordinary and ancient, wild, quiet, and other characteristics of the film into the western film, sci-fi film location shooting in the base. In this film the TV series "Tianxialiangcang," "land of the western region", "BMW Han Xue," "The Legend of shaking" and "Desert Huang "after the broadcast, so that more of the Yellow River Stone Forest Mingyangtianxia. Lushan life of the Yellow River Stone Forest and Forest Park, along the five Buddhist Temple, Wing Tai Tai kusong form the backbone tourism, with the West Tianzhu Small Three Gorges in the north and Shapotou Zhongwei, and other tourist areas adjacent to the phase to form a golden tourism route.

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