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Dingxi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dingxi Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dingxi located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, located in central Gansu Province, east region Pingliang, Tianshui City, south and Longnan area in the west even Gannan, Linxia two states, north Lanzhou, Baiyin City, the second is typical of the Loess Plateau hilly and gully region, is An ancient, vast and mysterious land. As the "Aeolus pinch on the world." Dingxi has a long history, marked advantage. This is the upper reaches of the Yellow River civilization, the birthplace of important. There are well-known Neolithic Majiayao culture, the Qijia culture, cultural and depression Temple Sim's culture. Silk Road since ancient times is the "center" and a new Eurasian continental bridge has to go through it, also in Gansu Lanzhou City will be the door to the East.

Dingxi rich in resources and broad prospects for development. The soil here is very suitable for the climate of Chinese herbal medicines, the growth of potato. Chinese herbal medicines is very rich in resources, has identified more than 300 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials, particularly under-min, famous lanceolata. Produced by the whole potato-shaped, high quality Long shelf life, high starch content. Due to sufficient light, the temperature difference between day and night, produced beautiful flower color, pleasant aroma, but also very suitable for a variety of edible fungus production. There are abundant mineral resources, andalusite, a marble, granite, gold and other mineral resources reserves larger.

  Potential hydropower resources Up to 878,400 kilowatts. Zhangxian of your Shan-ching, sun mountain, the Weiyuan Lin-san, such as the Yangshan's first state-level, provincial-level forest park and spa Tong Wei, have developed highly value.

  Here vast land resources, biological resources and a large variety of produce various kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, crops range Rich mineral resources, water resources, rich in geothermal resources, tourism resources and unique, awaiting exploration and development.

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