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Tourism silver - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tourism silver - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Silver is a province of Gansu Province cities, is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, Gansu Province, central, and the Tengger Desert is Qilian Yu Mo to the transition zone of the Loess Plateau, the city of silver as an emerging industrial city and an important industrial base of non-ferrous metals. Silver dominates the district, Pingchuan District, Jingyuan County, Jingtai County, the County Council. And Gansu Lanzhou, capital of the adjacent phase. Is the country's largest non-ferrous metals industrial bases in Gansu Province and an important energy base for chemical industry.

  The mother river of the Chinese nation - the Yellow River, has given birth to generations of silver, silver also gave birth to a long history. Be traced back thousands of years ago the Neolithic Age, people To survive in this land. There are cultural sites in the Mid-Levels, hanging ditch the ancient city of Han, Mi beach stone cultural sites, Jingtai turtle City, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, Drum Tower 10 minutes, Temple Grotto Bay son, Stephen Law Temple Cave, North Castle Town Beach sites, cattle openings of the new Neolithic pottery site , And other cultural relics. And the Northern Wei, Tang, Song of the grotto art , Castle building and the well-known "Silk Road", the majestic splendor of the Great Wall, the narrative of Baiyin in distant history.

Natural scenery to an island-like distribution, mainly iron-Hill, Ulan Hill, Peach Hill, Qu Wu, Ting Lu Shan, Hasi Hill, and so on, they dense forest, the charming scenery And the magnificent temple architecture. Jingtai old Longwan spectacular momentum of the Yellow River Stone Forest, the Meteorology Series, known as the wonders of China, Feng Yun is a unique tourist landscape, in central Gansu Province has been identified as one of the golden tourist line.

  Silver City has a glorious revolutionary tradition. There are 1936 0, Red Army first, second and fourth victory of the Front will join County, the county will now be approved by the State for the national education base realignment floor, Long Garden, and so on a new tourist attraction.

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