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Great Wall in Ningxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great Wall in Ningxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China's Qin Dynasty to the Ming dynasties of the Great Wall in Ningxia have the site, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region "China Great Wall Museum." Ming Dynasty Great Wall, said the "wall", in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the territory of the West, mainly the Great Wall, Great Wall North, East and the Great Wall in Guyuan, a total of more than 400 kilometers in length. Among them, Guyuan Qin Dynasty Great Wall in the north of the county remains very Clear.

Ming Dynasty, Mongolia and Tatar Wala, and other frequently from the Department of Alxa platform into the Helan Mountain Akagi I (now three points), the direct-drive all over the plains. Ming rulers in order to secure the border, especially in the three points to build the Great Wall (Ming said wall) pass set up, making it the ancient city defense Yinchuan "four risk One. ??

Three points out of the Great Wall is located in Yinchuan City, 40 kilometers west of Helan Mountain in the south. This is the juncture of Ningxia and Inner Mongolia at the junction of the Elementary and Kwan Yin Chuanzhi Bayanhaote road wear and, at the juncture can be disabled to see off the site of the Great Wall. Three from east to west, set up the first card Road, Road cards and three cards, later known as Guan 3. Twists and turns of this mountain range, magnificent steep terrain. Jia Zhi Shan's original two-col, has a pass. ??

According to historical records, 10-year Ming Jiajing (1531) Ningxia Qian Qi matter of consumption, "Kim Wan", the construction of the dam from the south fort, the north Points, 80 km-long Great Wall, was filled sand. 19 Jiajing (1540) governor of Ningxia Yang Shouli re-played the old building to repair the wall, built by three points to the north of the Great Wall. Road customs clearance for the first wall of the Great Wall and the north-south link to open the mountain here, "I can ease capacity hundred horse". Along the north side of the wall Ridge to the north extension of the wall in order to Leiqi stones, turning each wall, have a pier, wall, the pier has been damaged, leaving only part of the base site. Guan Road for the first extension to the south-east of the Great Wall, has more to preserve integrity of the wall about 7 meters high, 6.5 meters-wide, 3.5 meters Dingkuan, Qiang Ding and women on both sides of the building wall. ?? The Great Wall was built, this little more than gravel soil, the non-commissioned officers were all over the autopsy Cliff Valley, a few loam; because of water, 100 water tankers to do, points to more than 20 kilometers of water-Fort Kyrgyzstan, and loam, gravel Mixed-phase, by Ben Zhu, a strong anomaly. Guan Road for the first 6 km to the west that is, 2 clearance, clearance On the south side there is a more than 20 m high mountain, the mountain with Piers, Taiwan 11 meters square, about 8 meters high. 3 east customs clearance 2 4 km, the customs of the two-phase folder Hill, a narrow valley, one in the water, Shan Qiao steep and look to the towering peaks, as under the bottom of steep terrain Xianyao very, very "when Kazuo Kwan, Wan-fu A "trend. Guan had built mountains and build a stone wall, along the deep.

The past three points along the stretch of the Great Wall of China and the pier, beacon towers are about even, there is a Western-controlled desert throat strategic risk. A poem read:

When the block a hundred thousand Guan Ren-risk, ??

An years of labor for the country. ??

Since then, to know the hanging phone rates, ??

A total of Shuozhanqiudan been cold.

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