Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kang Yi-chuen, Hot Springs Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kang Yi-chuen, Hot Springs Resort is located in Guan Xian camel cattle south, the west side of the 106 National Highway, 70 km away from Beijing. Unique large-scale open-air hot spring bath, hot water-rich in a variety of elements of the bath temperature can be as Tong Luo, Qi and accessible, Quhan Shujin, fatigue, and physical health, the unique effect, the skin can often bath lubrication light . Outdoor sauna rooms, recreation centers and other facilities to match, can enter Kang Yi-chuen, the resort nature of your exposure to the joy of heaven and earth.

  In addition, the three-star hotel in accordance with international standards for the design of the construction of the resort, unique architectural style, rich pastoral atmosphere, the room sets, food, health spa, recreation and leisure Large-scale fishing, hot springs standard swimming pool, tennis, billiards, table tennis, bowling, squash, badminton, leisure and spa in one kind of colonization, urban-dwellers weekend leisure, vacation, a good place for the convalescence.

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