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Hong pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong pagoda - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong pagoda in Helan county in Northeast Pan Hu Township. It is a relatively unusual shape the structure of the thick wall Miyan Shi Zhuanta hollow. Tasha tower and a high degree of close to pass about 25 meters high. 3-tower, the octagonal-shaped plane. The first tier in the south to provide a high coupon of 2.4 meters to the door, the door at the top on both sides of the brick dragon and phoenix motifs. Up and down each tower Two-Zhong Yan, Yan Xia Dougong eagle two. Tasha for the tower above. Founded age unknown, from the tower's architectural style, could be built before the Ming Dynasty.

  Hong pagoda as a result of disrepair, coupled with earthquakes, storms and rising water level of damage and erosion, mutilation very serious. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in 1987 Heritage Pipe Office of the strength of the organization committee, to invite experts in ancient architecture in the field exploration, development of maintenance programs. Early in 1990, the tower's maintenance program was reported by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of nearly one million yuan, the same year in June to October 1991 by the demolition of re-build the program, Wang had a pagoda Shan.

  In the repair of the pagoda on the verge of collapse when the brakes on the Block days intrauterine residual Kutami unearthed a large number of cultural relics of the Western Xia, "Chinese Heritage" and archaeological heritage experts and scholars for the 1990 National Assessment of the top 10 archaeological finds in one of the At the same time, also hired a well-known experts in heritage restoration, this Remnant of rotten rescue cultural relics were finishing repair.

  The repair of cultural relics in good condition: Color sericea Western Xia Dynasty Buddhist painting, colorful Buddha, Ocean, Book and the body surface as like 18; Tangut printing more than 200 pieces of Buddhist scriptures; there with streamers, wood carving, wood Jane, such as glass near 100 , Silk painting, "Chi Buddha, "" Great basaltic "and the Buddha are colorful palace of the craftsman work, we have also found similar themes of Buddhist art in the making of fine, the Western Xia studies of Buddhist culture, art history, the history of printing systems provided Physical specimen with a very important historical, artistic, scientific research value.

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