Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nature Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Natural Park is located in the northwest corner of the urban area, 3,000 meters from east to west, north-south 3,000 meters wide, the strip was irregular, with a total planning area of 1500 mu, the existing 1040 acres of woodland. Woodland forest coverage rate reached 90%, the crown canopy density of 0.8. Forest habitat for 40 species of tens of thousands of wild birds. From Primeval forest park in the main, the configuration of landscape attractions. One of the new cut of the artificial lake covers an area of 100 acres and the other, officials with crystal spring flowers Turui, Qu Hexiang pool, write Golden Autumn, green fishing, parrots in the world, the beach water, Lin landscape of the eight huts have been Started one after another. In 2002, in order to increase Natural Park recreation function, expanding the planning of the West Nature Park 1350 acres, is now entering the phase of the block wall. In addition to expanding the Western part of the original forest, in open space and farmland have been planting 10,000 trees. Wild Nature Park with its natural, human-cutting of Qiao's charming landscape to attract visitors eight points of the compass, become leisure holidays, mold Qingzhi A good place.

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