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Shouyangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shouyangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first is located in Yangshan County Weiyuan 34 km southeast of the Lianfeng Township Hall to enjoy groove, in 2186-2509 meters above sea level, because for the first out of the mountains, the sun as the first named after.

Yangshan is not business as a result of the first week alone bamboo country (this Long County, Hebei Province House)-The second son of Yi, Shu Qi to give Si Jun, to Xiangxie , After the smell Wuwangfazhou, call-in Ma Jian Yin. As a result of Wang did not listen, then angrily do not eat millet week, the first westbound to Yangshan, Jenny and food, starved to death after the first Yangshan Longyou to become famous. In the Qin and Han Jian County, when the first of the County.

Yangshan is seen as early as the first Weiyuan said Zhuang Yi, Shu Qi Qi west See cutting Zhouwu Wang Yin said: Wu Wen ancient people, was also Zhishi avoid his term of office, the case of troubled times for non-Gou deposit, under dark, Zhou decline, and its even weeks to Wu Shen Tu also, it's not if, Wu Jie trip to the North in the first two sons of Yang Shan, was to die of hunger. After the Eastern Han Dynasty and Cao writer you (that is, Ban Zhao) Note the "You-fu", said: Yi Hungry in the first Yangshan in the first Longxi Yang.

  Weiyuan County, built in the early Han Qin Mo, the first name on the County, the jurisdiction of Longxi County, the county got its name to Hill. T Wei Wendi West until 17 years (551 AD), when they renamed the Weiyuan County. By the same token, name in Shouyangshan Weiyuan first, with a long history, the Yi Qi to live in seclusion until the mining fern Indeed most of the dead Shouyangshan.

Yang first on the north side of Shanxi have Shihmen, as a result of East-West confrontation between the two old quarry area, between the opening line, named after the shape of Shihmen. Shihmen Yeyue the local scene. Liang Ya between a reservoir capacity of more than 500 million cubic meters, would like to deal with a water theme park. Reservoir behind for a long decade In the courtyard of the canyon, where Zuozuo relatively steep cliff standing, four encircled Hill, the blue sky into a thin line, if the bottom Department, the terrain is like a saw to solve the Banfeng, the local board solution, commonly known as trench . Xiashan courtyard odd water the United States, like fairyland, the natural shape uncanny workmanship 27 spots. 15 days, along Galleries all over the place is full of odd, dangerous, Zhuang, no, money, the show, quiet, quiet, ancient, the taste of the wild. If the county from the south-bound gorge leading to the courtyard, some more than 20 km distance.

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