Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tai Wai River mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Wai River mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tai Wai mosque he built in the Ming Dynasty (1403) Wing-lok years, the rehabilitation of years of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. Ancient temple after the renovation, especially in the last major repair, more majestic magnificent momentum. Ying-door hall in the six columns Songqi, pick angle as a ridge surrounded by floor. Ridge beam angle in the first set with the lead, such as decorative Therocephalia, beautiful patterns, Long visible, remained the Qianlong period of architectural style.

  According to the temple inscription records, Emperor Qianlong of the Uighur favor of Hong Fei Zi (legend, she need not bring their own spices and incense), thanks to the palace, "Rong Fei," people like to call her, "Xiang Fei." Qianlong with her inspection tours, appointed by the Hui Cao Xing too This supervision in person, well-built mosque. Emperor Qianlong pro-"above board" and made of blue and gilt inscription Rongji, linked to the main entrance hall. After the settlement eunuch Cao Wai River, buried after the death of the 'village temple has retained his tombstone.

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