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Longxi floor Weiyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longxi floor Weiyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longxi Weiyuan House was built in the first year of the Northern Song Ren-day Saint (1023 AD), have elapsed since the last thousand years, the county seat located in the center of the grand momentum, a long history and sophisticated style known. Guzhuan by the entire base structure, are surrounded by three Mulou cornices, like arrows flying, such as the Youth Pre-employment Training Yan; Hill-top layer, if Hu Fu Kong, magnificent.

  Ren days the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty St. (Year 1023), Gu Wei of the new building in the east-side, the north-east to build a Qiaolou Square, named "Weiyuan floor," Wei to cover the distance of Italy. Khan Commission in 2002 (Year 1261) expansion of the City Wall, will Weiyuan Move to build the city. Yuan Shun Di is the first year to (Year 1341), set up Tonghudilou, on its Gore. Ming Tai Zu first year of Hongwu (1368) reconstruction, named "F-hung in the town." 16 years of Qing dynasty (1836), relocated to the Northern Song Dynasty bronze bell Suozhu upstairs, no matter the time, the emergency alarm, it also "Drum Tower 10 minutes."

  Now Weiyuan the three-floor brick for Mulou. Block-high 11 meters, 27 meters long, 17 meters wide. Height of 15 meters, 26 meters high pass. Every floor, 24 columns, three-story building is surrounded by cornices, brackets Yanxia a total of 102. Xie Shanding for the roof, the fine structure , The grand design for the working people of ancient China with a high degree of wisdom in order to create the crystal.

  Since 1958, Longxi county government organized a number of human maintenance, Diaolianghuadong, Dan-Qing painting, a new look for Longxi a magnificent building. Festivals, visitors can view Denglou, the whole town a bird's eye view. Yuan floor for the provincial cultural relics protection.

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